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  • Well I actually just got insurance last week dont see the doctor till next monday I have been in lots of pain this whole time & the ER just wants to give me pain meds & not check anything but my urine!! WTF!! so im just dying to go see the doctor my new due date is April 19 how have you been?
    awww i hope u guys get better soon sux when mama & kids r sick :( yea we r basically down to just our family now its just not worth it no family should act so petty so me my husband and the kids are gonna be on our own which is fine with me because we all make one another happy so thats all that counts :)
    well im not throwing up lol, but i do have alot of abdominal pains today :( still wont speak to my father tried hashing it out yesterday with no luck he is just si damn hard headed and selfish :( how r u feeling today??
    im ok had better days fought with my father and i think i am disowning him as of now pretty sad but im ok otherwise (lol sorry to vent)
    may or july im still waiting to get my insurance to see the doctor but was at ER 6 weeks ago and the blood test said 3 weeks and ultrasound said 5 weeks so I'm not too sure's my 4th child I have 3 girls already
    thank you so much!!! the wedding was actually in memorium of my BIL he passed 17 days before the wedding, we chose the beach because he never wore shoes, his motto was no shoes required so we did it up for him, I had just moved back to FL to be with my family & lost im pregnant with the new baby if its a boy we are naming him after my BIL, thanks again for the compliments :)
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