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  • Oh, I found out from here and your twitter so I've known for a few days. Do you have any name ideas?
    Also, I don't have a cellphone anymore; I never used it, and lost it, so my dad canceled it.
    It's Tearzah. I signed up, I haven't been able to be in contact with you for awhile. Has anything happened?
    i am sorry to hear u have been in pain.its crazy that the er wouldnt do anything to help u other than pain meds.i am glad to hear you got insurance now i hope ur dr takes good care of u!i am ok.thank you for asking!
    Hey, Lezanne~just stopping by to say hello! I hope you are feeling great and the baby is doing well! :)
    sorry to hear about ur pain i hope it goes away !:kiss:sorry to hear about u and ur dad.:cry::hug: it sux when family acts like sh**!we have disowned my hubbys family(the only family i have)so now its just me hubby and the kids!i sure hope maybe u and ur dad can work things out!!!i am finally feeling better me and the girls have been sick for the past few days!other than that i am ok!
    i hoping for may LOL thats my month!i hope ur insurance kicks in sooon!!are u hoping for a boy?3 girls wow u got ur hands full!they are pretty!i have 2 girls myself!no more for me though!!!
    so sorry to hear your bil passed b4 ur wedding.i kno he was there and he loved it!awww congrats on the baby!!!!!seems everyone is pregnant!!!when are u due?
    i have been so busy & found out i'm pregnany with my 4th child so i have been so sick everyday hard to get online these days lol how have you been?? its so good to hear from you again!!
    hi Lezanne, how r u, i hope everthing is ok, i did heard nothing from u since u got married, or u stiil in your honeymoon:kekeke:
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