Verizon Unlimited Plans: Trade Select Device Towards Google Pixel 6 / 6 Pro, Get Up to $640

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    1. Must be an existing Verizon Wireless customer on an eligible Verizon Wireless Unlimited postpaid plan (for example, Start Unlimited)
    2. Click 'Upgrade Existing Line' on the page(s) below to access this offer.
    3. Buy a Google Pixel 6 Series device from Verizon via 24 or 30 month device payment plan on your existing, qualifying Verizon Wireless Unlimited Postpaid Plan
    4. You will qualify for $200 in Bill Credits for purchasing an upgrade to a Pixel 6 series device on your eligible Unlimited Plan as an existing customer.
    5. During checkout, opt to Trade-In any qualifying damaged or undamaged phone free of battery damage (i.e. swelling, leaking or too hot to touch) to Verizon within 30 days of your Pixel 6 / 6 Pro purchase to qualify for Up to $440 in Trade-In Credits:
      • Examples:
        • Devices qualifying for $440 in Bill Credits w/ this offer:
          • Apple: iPhone X / 11 Series / 12 series
          • Samsung: Galaxy S9/S10/S20/S21series; Note 9/10/20 series; Fold series, A42 / A71 5G
          • LG: V50/V60 series; Velvet / Wing
          • OnePlus: 7/8/9 variants
          • Google: Pixel 4 / 4 XL / 5 / 5a / 4a / 4a 5G
          • Motorola: One / Edge / Edge+ / Razr
        • Other devices may be eligible to receive less than $440 in trade-in credit. Enter your device details while constructing your order to see if it qualifies / trade-in value.
    6. Upon receipt / approval of your trade-in, within 2 to 3 billing cycles you will begin to receive your $440 in trade-in credit along with $200 bill credits from Unlimited Plan Pixel 6 purchase applied to your bill as $640 total credit divided up over 24 or 30 equal increments (depending on which device payment option is selected, 24 months or 30 months).
      • If you cancel/terminate Verizon service before you have received all 24 or 30 monthly bill credits, you will forfeit any remaining credits and will be responsible for paying off any outstanding balance remaining on the cost of your device sans the remaining bill credits.
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