Mojocraft Serenity the Owl Battery Powered Decorative Claylike Night Light $21.99

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  1. spark

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    • Powered by 3 AAA batteries(not included). Battery case lid can be secured with a screw, keeping your loved little ones from swallowing any possible small parts.
    • Perfect as a sleeping companion or night light for kids and adults. It is proven that leaving light on all night messes with your sleep. With the timer Function: Light will automatically turn off after 1 hour, giving a little help for those who are afraid of dark, making you sleep better in total darkness, and saving battery life.
    • LED Lighting: Extremely low heat emission. Cool to touch, making it perfectly safe to take to bed.
    • Just the right amount of light: It gives a very soft warm white glow that is pleasing to look at, while you may also find the light is bright enough to read by. Great for those bedtime reading sessions.
    • Clay like plastic. Perfect for home decorations even when the light is off. Looks great on your desk, book shelf, night stand, work station, etc.
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