Free gift from Jose Cuervo


It was strange... It didnt offer me a choice. Who knows though. Maybe it was there and I missed it. When I clicked submit, it said something to the effect of "your gift will be shipped in X-X weeks" (i forget how many)

Maybe they ran out of some and limited it :dunno:

Stormy Weather

New Member
I did it both yesterday and today (it said one per week, so I figured the new week started on Sunday).

Both times I had the full list of items.


New Member
I just signed my bf up. I signed him up for the shaker, since I signed up for the glasses LOL

And I also had a full list of items. I'm pretty sure everything Chris listed above


New Member
WOW! It *is* by state!! By choosing my state first (and not using autofill) it came up with choices. I chose the wrong state to get more choices, since Cali didn't have glasses. Weird!
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