Free 4-Month Panera Bread Unlimited Sip Club Trial for American Express Cardholders

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    4-Month Panera Bread Unlimited Sip Club Subscription for Free.
    offer is not valid for current Unlimited Sip Club members.

    Panera Bread Unlimited Sip Club Information:
    • New Charged Lemonades
    • Iced & Hot Coffee
    • Iced & Hot Tea
    • Fountain Beverages
    • Unlimited refills while you're in the cafĂ©
    • Any size, any time (once every 2 hours)
    • Exclusive rewards; access to special perks
    • Eligible Subscription Benefits
      • Drip hot coffee
      • Iced coffee
      • Hot tea
      • Fountain soda beverage
      • Bubbler drinks
        • Regular, Sweet, and Passion Papaya Green iced teas, and Agave lemonade
      • Charged Lemonade beverage
        • Fuji Apple Cranberry, Mango Citrus Yuzu and Strawberry Lemon Mint
      • Other additions such as Milk, Skim Milk, Almond Milk, Half & Half, Sweeteners
    • Excludes all other beverages, including without limitation, cold brew iced coffee and espresso and cappuccino beverages
    • Customizations including but not limited to added Espresso and Syrups are not included
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