Free $3 Prime Video Credit on select Fire TV Devices

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    Select Fire TV Devices: Watch a Shell Rotella Advertisement, Get a $3 Prime Video credit for Free when you follow the instructions below.

    1. Turn on your Fire TV device (Such as Fire TV Stick or television running Fire TV)
    2. In your Fire TV settings, ensure the screensaver is enabled at the shortest start time, and ensure the sleep timer is either disabled or will start after the screensaver.
    3. Wait until the screensaver starts displaying advertisements
    4. Wait for the Shell Rotella advertisement
      • Advertisement states "Shell Rotella: Watch our video, get a $3 Prime Video credit"
    5. Use your remote to press play to watch the advertisement
    6. After the advertisement finishes playing, you will receive an email containing the link to claim your credit
      • Email will be sent to the email address registered to your Fire TV device
      • Email is titled 'Here's your link to a $3 Prime Video Credit, courtesy of Shell Rotella!'
    7. Click the link in the email to claim your $3 Prime Video credit
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