Free $25 Housewares Deals GC for referring friends


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I FINALLY received an e-mail from them. They told me they can send me 1 gift card, but the other people I referred could not be validated by their e-mail provider.. Which is crazy because I talked to everyone and they told me they have been receiving the newsletter.. So I don't understand what the problem is..

I'm waiting for her to send me the code for the one they are going to give me and then I am going to get rude with them.. Sounds to me like they do not want to provide what they offered in the first place..


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Well, I started getting a little rude before I got my first code. I told them that when they make an offer to their customers, they should honor that offer. Once I started talking about bad customer service, that's when the head customer service rep got involved. (At least I assume that's what she is...she seems to have more authority than the others.) I would ask them to explain why they can't verify your friends emails when they are getting the newsletter.


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I received my items I ordered on Friday. I too had to call in because my GC didnt work. I received my items in a timely manner I guess after all the BS I had to go through to get it to work
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