Flower box tree pool to make the city better


Flower box tree pool to make the city better

With the continuous development of modern economy, people's material conditions are relatively abundance, and slowly will be more on the spirit of life, people living environment has a higher demand for living, urban greening and landscaping become a heavy Of the heavy work, of course, greening the city is essential, roadside street those wooden plastic flower box tree pool for the city's landscaping also played a small role, we know that flower boxes are placed in the outdoors, If the use of solid wood production flower box, neither corrosion nor moisture, life is certainly not long, wood plastic is not the same, anti-corrosion tide resistance to insects, in the outdoor use is appropriate, the following mangrove small series and everyone Talk about wood plastic flower box tree pool compared to solid wood flower box What are the advantages of it!

One: rugged: similar to the appearance of wood, but better than the wood size stability. Wooden plastic material is not easy to deformation, corrosion resistance, mildew, antibacterial, soundproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, suitable for outdoor use.
Two: economic and practical: large-scale production, quality assurance, versatility, paint-free, maintenance-free, long life.
Three: excellent processing: the second processing is good, can be saw, can be nailed, can planing. Processing simple, modular installation, saving time and effort.
Four: beautiful fashion: fashion personalized design, different finishes to meet the different architectural patterns.
Five: health and environmental protection: wood plastic materials used in their own use of waste, no formaldehyde, natural wood fiber, close to humans, close to nature.

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