50% Off Aerogarden Accessories: 1-Liter Aerogarden Liquid Plant Food $17.50 & More


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Aerogarden is having a pretty good accessories sale and some of these prices are the lowest I've seen all year.

Examples (price when added to cart)
*Liquid Plant Food 1L $17.47: https://aerogarden.com/accessories/plant-food/970281-0000.html
*Grow Sponges 50 Pack $9.99: https://aerogarden.com/accessories/other/970293-0000.html
*No-Spill Watering Jug $10.97: https://aerogarden.com/sale/970311-0100.html
*Seed Starting System for Harvest Models $13.97: https://aerogarden.com/accessories/seed-starting/800297-0200.html - the other versions are also on sale
*Plant Spacer Kit 25-Pack ($4.47): https://aerogarden.com/accessories/other/970021-0100.html

There's a lot more stuff on sale. Coupon codes (one-time use per account)
GETGROWING10 for $10 off $50
CABIN20 for $20 off $100

Free shipping at $50+ after discounts/coupons
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