360-Day Red Pocket Prepaid Plan: Unlimited Talk & Text + 10 GB Data / Month $216

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    https://www.redpocket.com/plans/annual? Up to 60% Off their 360-Day Red Pocket No-Contract Prepaid Wireless Service Plans with prices starting as low as $168 for 360 days on the 3GB/month plan (equivalent to $14/month). Shipping is free.

    Thanks to Staff Member LovelyCheetah for posting this deal.
    Example Offer:
    • 360-Day 10 GB Prepaid Plan $216 (equivalent to $18/month)
      • Includes the following renewing automatically every 30 days for 360 days (prepaid):
        • Unlimited talk, text, and reduced speed data included every 30 days for 360 days
        • 10GB high-speed data each month
        • 4G LTE / 5G service on the AT&T network (network speed dependent on your phone)
        • Free international calls to anywhere in the world
        • No activation fees
        • Free SIM & free shipping for new customers
        • Available to new customers
    • Note: Must activate plan within 90 days.
    • & More 360-Day Plans
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