$20.00 Amazon Gift Card for Survey

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by sunedaz77, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. sunedaz77

    sunedaz77 New Member

    This seems legit. Its a survey conducted by some school. It has to do with diverse families. In order to be eligible you have to be in a family unit of at least 3 people. There are only three criteria for participation:

    1) There must be two adults and one adolescent child (age 12-17) in each family.

    2) Adults must be in a partnered relationship and must have been living together for at least 3 years.

    3) Adolescents must live with participating adults at least half-time (i.e., an average of 4 days per week). The adolescent does not have to be biologically related to either adult.

    And if they get your child or partner to fill it out you get entered for a chance to win 1 of 3 $100 Target gift cards.

    I'll let you check it out for yourself.

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  3. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    So u get a 20 dollar amazon for it?
  4. sunedaz77

    sunedaz77 New Member

    You get a $20 amazon GC within 2 weeks just for filling it out.
  5. Buckeye80

    Buckeye80 New Member

    Alrighty, i completed and submitted my email for the GC.
  6. webhunting.info

    webhunting.info Moderator

    ooh you're gonna be a rich boy!!!
  7. hawkins43920

    hawkins43920 pretty in pink

    that took forever hopefully it comes
  8. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    I did it. SURE HOPE IT COMES!!:fingersx:
  9. Kristin

    Kristin Witty Wonderwoman

    Seemed to work for me.
  10. canbg1

    canbg1 New Member

    How long does it take to get confirmation email? I haven't gotten mine yet. :(
  11. ToughTimes

    ToughTimes New Member

    Thanks for sharing this. Hope it comes :kiss:
  12. edohpa

    edohpa morning member

    The survey or the 20 gift card??
  13. we3kings

    we3kings relentless member

    The $20 giftcard code. :bigthumb:
  14. edohpa

    edohpa morning member

    who was the e-mail from if you don't mind my asking, I tend to delete things alot!!
  15. we3kings

    we3kings relentless member

    I went back and looked and I'm such a dork. It was from Amazon, I forgot I did a survey from them a few days ago. My bad. :hs:
  16. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

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  17. we3kings

    we3kings relentless member

    I just looked and this seems to be working still. At least for me.
  18. ByandBy

    ByandBy New Member

    I got it. I had to go into IE to do the survey :)
  19. candy

    candy Miss Congeniality

    Just did it. It said it will email the $20 amazon code. :fingersx:Though I am wondering why chris didnt post this one:confused:
  20. Kiwi

    Kiwi Guest

    They never emailed the "adolescent and spouse"
    that's leading me to believe the $20 wont come..
  21. xxFinallyxxLoved

    xxFinallyxxLoved Awesome Member

    I really hope this comes, Chris do you think this is legit?

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