12-Pack 12-Oz Coca-Cola Beverages (Various) 6 for $18

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by chris, Jun 27, 2022.

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    Walgreens has 12-Pack 12-Oz Coca-Cola Beverages (various) on sale 6 for $17.99 ($3 each) when you login, add a quantity of 6 to your cart (mix & match) and apply code GET25 in cart.
    Coca-Cola (Limit 3)
    Diet Coke (Limit 3)
    Diet Coke, Caffeine Free (Limit 3)
    Coca-Cola, Zero Sugar (Limit 3)
    Coca Cola Cherry (Limit 3)
    Sprite (Limit 3)
    Fanta (Limit 3)
    *Note: code GET25 may be one-time use but is currently working for me after 2 prior uses.
    **Make double-sure you are logged in if coupon not applying (log out & log back in, even if it says you are already logged in)
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