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  • ok...wow..."restraint" wouldn't really be what I would call your 4 posts to my wall (crazed, much??) ....well, first off, I really don't ever feel the need to post any "freebies" because Chris always seems to have most of the legitimate ones posted by the time I get around to coming here. Secondly, please show some of your "class" and kindly "restrain" yourself from cluttering my message wall with your rant. It was my opinion, and wasn't meant to "single you out"--I just call it like I see it, like I have ever since I have been a member of the forums. As far as "not caring whether it hurts someone's feelings" , well, no, I honestly don't when I'm voicing my opinion on something AS I SEE IT(sometimes ppl agree, sometimes, they don't, no big whoop to me).Have a wonderful weekend.
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