This brings the complexity of platforms, form Push Money App

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This brings the complexity of platforms, form factor as well as the applications. Push Money App This is why IT sections of all enterprises are terrified about the sudden explosion of enterprise mobility. This factor forces IT sections to face another major problem related to the advent of third party apps i.e. security or risk mitigation. However, there is no denial that once security issue is tackled; the only point remaining is how to leverage the new mobility or mobile app paradigm to use it to its maximum strength. Now on the question of how to how to manage the invasion of third party apps and mobile devices my recommendation is to begin with a navigator that has a well-defined scope. The term "scope" refers to selecting finite set of apps to test with, and then pick your favourite platform and a friendly group of users to test them. While testing, define some real world scenarios to test out like the ability to publish an internally developed or externally licensed app. You can also restrict the usage of certain apps for certain users apart from defining a strict apps usage policy such as mandatory installs etc.

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