Information and Application of Composites


Information and Application of Composites

Composite wood, also known as plastic wood is two or more different materials, the advantages of organic combination of effective alternative to the deformation of traditional wood to determine the application of a wide range of areas, then the specific characteristics of the wood products to what The

Wood-plastic composite materials in the civilian field has been widely used, mainly including outdoor supplies, building materials, municipal facilities, packaging materials, household goods, daily groceries, auto parts and so on. Second, the application of wood-plastic composite materials in the military field is not a lot, because the wood-plastic composite material is light, rigid, Naisuan Jian and waterproof pest control characteristics, its application in the military field great potential for development at home and abroad in this Aspects of research and development work is also actively carried out.

As a substitute for the quality of the original wood, I believe the future application will be more extensive.

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