if anyone has the Lot 18 $20 credit the wine site .......


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they have two packages of coffee for $19.99 shiping included!! no credit card info needed either!!!

hope this helps someone!!
Michele :jump::jump::jump::jump:


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I still have my credit, but HATE coffee. I wish they would get some cheap glasses on there. I live in Oklahoma so I can't get wine shipped to me. I'm kind of stuck now. UGHH!!


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I like coffee, and I got it, but I don't have a coffee grinder, so I wish it was ground. Might gift it. IDK yet.


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i got them too. I have voffee grinder so it maybe ok for me but i dont this brand name coffee so i will try to see if they are good


I just got an email from them that they have coffee and food on their site now. I could not get in to view, blank page) but the example in email showed cheese and salami


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Kaebot I think if you put the order in for the coffee but dont put it thru they might add on 1$10 again.Thats how i got an awesome bottle of wine. I wasnt going to get it because of the shipping and then when they added $10 I put it thru!
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