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  1. washlicn

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    This deal is from

    Wahoo this offer is back again this year!! Last year we were able to score free products and then submit for the rebate to get the Cookware offer for FREE too, unfortuanately Rite Aid, CVS, & Walgreens are not Participating this year, but Kmart is! I don’t mind buying the products because I know this offer is WELL worth it! CLICK HERE to take a look at What I got from Last year!

    Here’s the scoop:

    Purchase $25 or more worth (so this could be much less after using coupons) of qualifying products in one transaction, Receive a Free P&G Pink Cooking Set.

    Participating products include:
    • Align
    • Always
    • Aussie
    • Bounce
    • Bounty
    • Cascade
    • Charmin
    • Cheer
    • Clairol
    • Cover Girl
    • Crest
    • Dawn
    • Downy
    • Duracell
    • Era
    • Febreze
    • Fixodent
    • Gain
    • Gillette
    • Head & Shoulders
    • Herbal Essences
    • Iams
    • Ivory
    • Joy
    • Kandoo
    • Luvs
    • Max Factor
    • Metamucil
    • Mr. Clean
    • Natural Instincts
    • Nice & Easy
    • Olay
    • Old Spice
    • Oral B
    • Pampers
    • Pantene
    • Pepto Bismol
    • Prilosec OTC
    • Pringles
    • Puffs
    • Pur
    • Safeguard
    • Scope
    • Secret
    • Swiffer
    • Tampax
    • Tide
    • Vicks
    • Zest

    I have confirmed that no official form is needed!! YAY!
    Send: Name, address, zip code and phone number, along with the one CRT dated between 9/20 – 10/17/10.

    Stores that are NOT participating and therefor their CRTs are ineligible are: Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart and Target

    Receive: Free Cookware Set from Good Cook’s Hope Line:

    • Classic Balloon Whisk
    • Nylon Scrub Brush (2 piece)
    • Saucepan with lid, (2qt)
    • Three Piece Mini Tool Set (spatula, slotted spoon looks like a rounded spatula)

    Mail to:

    Cookware Offer
    Box 49461
    Strongsville OH 44149-0461

    Postmarked by 10/25/10

    To confirm: 866-315-2203 8AM-8PM EST Monday through Friday
    Stores participating and the timeframe to buy:

    KMart – 9/26-10/31
    Bloom – 9/30-10/13
    Harris Teeter – 9/29-10/12

    Stores in Texas:
    Kroger – No
    Tom Thumb – No
    Albertsons – Yes

    Stores in Ohio:
    Giant Eagle 9/30-10/6
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  3. meg1111

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  4. PSBean

    PSBean Member

    i LUVD the one from last year and agree that i don't mind buying the prods from kmart. :) can't wait to put this one together.
  5. hawkins43920

    hawkins43920 pretty in pink

    i bought pampers at giant eagle and got a coupon printed right out with this form saying I qualified cant wait to send it in
  6. Moderator

    great deal! thank you. :)
  7. mommyeiland

    mommyeiland New Member

    humm...have to get out all my coupons ;-)
  8. Moderator

    i just did $30 in p&g at albertson's and it didn't spit out. guess i'll try kmart. :)

    eta: okay, i just re-read it! don't need the form. cool!
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  9. Moderator

    i just called and the list they have doesn't go by state or zip so she wasn't very helpful. one albertson's in south carolina was on the list and an "albertson's IFW". no clue what that is but i'm guessing it's the texas posting. so oregon albertson's doesn't seem to work for this. kmart was the only definite on the list.
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  10. kresin

    kresin Texas Bounty Hunter

    I'd love to use this but we don't have any of these stores in Houston, Texas. I received the P&G Breast Cancer Awareness mailer with coupons in my Sunday paper but WITHOUT any mention of the free P&G Pink Cooking Set

    Anyone in Houston know how to get this deal?
  11. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    I called the other day and for SO CAL, participating stores are:

    Ralphs - no mention on their list which ones, maybe all?

    Smart&Final - wholesale kinda store, it's on their ad..Purchase $25 of participating Procter&Gamble products and receive a FREE cookware set by mail.. They accept manufacturer coupons.
    *Purchase must be made in a single transaction Oct 6-12, 2010 using your SmartAdvantage Card. See store for details.
    (Last time I went there, they do not have cards anymore. You can get the sale price without the card - the card system has been discontinued(?))

    CVS, RiteAid, Walgreens X
    Target X
    Vons X
    Food4Less X
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  12. Moderator

    i did this deal at kmart yesterday. olay moisturizers are on sale for $5. two at $4 each using two $1 off q's. and get the eye roller free with that q ($19.99 or so). it didn't spit anything out at the register but i think it doesn't matter. just send in the receipt.
  13. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    hip2save called CS and the person told her that a form is required..
  14. Moderator

    well crap. guess i'll call again.
  15. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    my form which printed out on the receipt also said something like Congratulations you've qualified bla bla.. mail in this form with your original receipt to bla bla.. must be postmarked on bla bla..

    participating stores have different "participating" dates..
  16. washlicn

    washlicn New Member

    No form needed

    I called and verified THAT NO FORM IS REQUIRED. JUST RECEIPT! Last year I submitted without a receipt too, and justwrote a note saying I spoke to CS and they said it was not necessary as long as I purchased from the right store. For instance this year I bought from Kmart, and ALL Kmarts are participating.
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  17. hawkins43920

    hawkins43920 pretty in pink

    i just sent mine in last week and got a confirmation email that it was received and being processed will take 16-20 weeks to receive it WOW that is a long time LOL
  18. Moderator

    thanks! no more time to fool around with it anyway. :)
  19. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    :bigthumb: thanks for calling and verifying..
  20. auntcrystal77

    auntcrystal77 New Member

    darn hope i can get to kmart and do this before its over-would love to get.
  21. rissasweetay

    rissasweetay Active Member

    Yea I called and they said that ALL Kmart stores are participating until 10/31 and no form is required. My neighbor had bought a Swiffer sweeper and got the free refill with Q so I told them about this deal but wanted me to call and double check.

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