Free COD: Warzone/MW 2: WSOW: Solo Yolo Pack for Prime Users


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Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2: World of Series of Warzone Pack: Solo Yolo Pack (Digital In-Game Content/Items) for Free valid w/ Amazon Prime Membership when you click on the 'Get In-Game Content' link when logged into your account.
must login to your Amazon Prime account w/ an active membership to claim digital content.

  • Solo Yolo: Chimera Weapon Blueprint
  • Red Mist: Victus XMR Weapon Blueprint
  • Breaking Cameras (Emblem)
  • Broken Animated (Emblem)
  • Let's Go Streaking (Animated Calling Card)
  • Wish You Were Here! (Animated Calling Card)
  • Splat (Calling Card)
  • Double XP Token
  • Double Weapon XP Token
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