Finally Reward Level 1 at - Day 22

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by kresin, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. kresin

    kresin Texas Bounty Hunter

    I finally reached Reward Level 1 at ! :jump:

    Today is Day Number 22 and the destination is Billy Bob's in Fort Worth, Texas.

    I hope everyone else is still logging on daily to get to the big rewards at
    Level 3!
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  3. auntcrystal77

    auntcrystal77 New Member

    im hoping i can keep it up :) been doing it everyday but i know we are gonna go away for the weekend coming up and no internet so im not sure how that will effect my log ins :(
  4. crazy-oldy-mom

    crazy-oldy-mom Active Member

    if you want i can do it for you
  5. tiggerchick

    tiggerchick Resident House Cat

    I have been following along too. I missed a day so mine will probably be tomorrow.
  6. Senor Macaroni

    Senor Macaroni New Member

    this thing has turned into a part time job, and I dont even qualify for an ashtray yet.... =)
  7. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    I reached level 1 yesterday.

    I really hope I get that camcorder
  8. lilliesmommy

    lilliesmommy New Member

    I reached level one yesterday on both of my accounts
  9. kresin

    kresin Texas Bounty Hunter

    I just received my free gift from Marlboro for signing up for the Rewards program. It's a leather keychain with some decorative metal rivets. It's good quality, about the same as the keychain listed under Reward Level 1.

    I really wish Marlboro was allowed to put its logo/name on the keychain. It would be much more collectible! It doesn't seem fair that liquor companies are allowed to personalize their giveaways but not tobacco companies.
  10. tiggerchick

    tiggerchick Resident House Cat

    I got to level 1 a couple nights back...wooohooo!
  11. mldolan

    mldolan New Member

    what are you going for?

    just out of curiosity what rewards are you all going for, I have two accounts, I'm going for the zippo on the first one, and if i make gold, the camcorder on the second one, if i can't make gold i'll get the poker set.
  12. kathisierra

    kathisierra Main Page Member

    Im on day 27.
  13. Kamaree

    Kamaree Active Member

    I have 2 accounts (My hubby's and mine) and trying for the camcorder on both accounts.. Gonna give them away for Christmas gifts.
  14. Kay

    Kay Worker Bee

    Our little "smokey joe" weber is nearly dead so the timing on this is perfect! I hope I make it!

    Good luck everybody!
  15. krissyg89

    krissyg89 New Member

    Do you have one like the one on the site?

    How big is it? I can't find any sizes on Marlboro. I want to get one, but I'm wondering if its worth it
  16. mldolan

    mldolan New Member

    got to level one today, finally! does anyone know how to check how many points you have? the indicator thingy really isn't all that accurate, sometimes it moves and sometimes it doesn't. I guess from a marketing perspective it makes sense, if you know you are mathematically eliminated from gold you'll stop visiting as soon as you hit silver and claim your prize, but if you think you have a chance at gold you might go all the way to the end. a bit cynical i know, but thats the only reason i can think of for keeping us in the dark about how many points we actually have, if you haven't religiously been hitting the site every day. I know I missed a few days.
  17. kresin

    kresin Texas Bounty Hunter

    It's definitely worth it! I've had my old Weber Smokey Joe for at least 20 years and it still works great. Weber makes high quality grills. I just want a new one so I'll be getting this one. Check out the link to see the size of the grill. It's 22.5 inches in diameter for the grilling surface but it's only 38 inches tall. I really like the compact size since it fits easily in our garage and isn't out on the back porch all year long.
  18. wintergal

    wintergal Sweet and Sassy

    I am going for the grill and camcorder also!! Been doing it everyday just wish i could do IWG
  19. mldolan

    mldolan New Member

  20. Josie101

    Josie101 New Member

    I'm going for level 2 cig Q's :)
  21. Pam i Am

    Pam i Am New Member

    *I read that to be eligible for silver level 2 people had to start doing the rewards contest by they have no chance at level 3 now....(i only started yesterday, so i am only eligible for levels 1 and 2 now)

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