Even though diet, exercise, and supplements

Juan Whitte

New Member
Even though diet, exercise, and supplements cannot guarantee that you can prevent prostate dysfunction, at least these methods Lorevive of health maintenance can reduce the incidence of developing prostate cancer. The importance of the trace mineral, zinc has been well documented for its role in supporting prostate health. The normal human prostate accumulates the highest level of zinc of any soft tissue in the body. Zinc is vital for prostate functions and male hormone activity. Hence, zinc is often referred to as "The Male Mineral".Prostate health functions on the adequate availability of zinc. Zinc is required for the production of sperm and seminal fluid. A deficiency can cause impotence and infertility. Excessive Lorevive sexual activity may lead to depletion of zinc stores. Prostatitis and BPH Low levels of zinc, particularly in the prostate, can be caused when the body is fighting an infection or due to high levels of anxiety/tension.
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