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  • Yeah, Kathy, your old Avatar really did "identify" you. I was like whaaat is that? Most unusual. I can't read the writing on your new one, porbably would make it more interesting. My feelins were kinda hurt when someone said mine looked like their dog's toy when I first put it up. I found it and picked it mainly cuz it has motion to it. It's my first one, so I'm sure I'll change it someday.
    Oh, the weather.... I live near Palm Springs, so mostly warm wearther, cold now, only 43 degrees (7 am) and stormy (which is unusual...I think we get like three inches of rain a year). Highs only in the 60's this week. So, you can tell the visitors, they're wearing shorts and the locals are all bundled up, like I will be today. The tv weather often reports Phoenix, which has similar temps as us. They rarely report Palm Springs weather...we're just not big enough...maybe 250,000 people in the Coachella valley.
    Enough for now, you'll delete me as a friend...hehe.
    How's your weather?
    Yeah, I just came across this and thought it was cute. I'll probably put my old avatar back soon though since it sort of "identifies" me. How cold is it where you live?
    Oh. we3kings,
    I'm so sorry about not responding sooner. I just found this notification. I feel badly, so don't take it personaly. It's me, not you.
    Very HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you, too!!!
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