TextNow: Free BYOP Ad-Supported Unlimited Talk & Text Plan w/ $10 SIM Kit Purchase

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    Bring Your Own Sprint-Compatible Smartphone Plan offering Ad-Supported Nationwide Unlimited Talk & Text Hybrid WiFi/Cellular Plan (No Data) for Free when you purchase a TextNow SIM Activation Kit for $9.99. Shipping is free.

    • TextNow SIM Activation Kit $9.99
    • Sprint or unlocked CDMA (Sprint) compatible Android or iOS smartphone
    • TextNow mobile app
    • Area with Sprint coverage
    • Free (Ad-Supported) Calling & Texting Over WiFi (or using the Sprint network when not connected to WiFi) through the TextNow app
    • Unlimited Voicemails
    • Picture & video messaging
    • Group Texting
    • Conference Calling
    • Optional upgrade from Free Plan to:
      • Ad Free Call & Text Plan $9.99/mo.
      • Ad Free Call & Text + 2GB LTE (Unlimited 2G) Data Plan w/ Data Hotspotting $19.99/mo.
      • Ad Free Call & Text + Unlimited LTE Data Plan w/ Data Hotspotting $39.99/mo.
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