Target Store Pickup (Select Locations): 12-Pk 12oz Coca-Cola $3 & Mor

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    12-Pack of 12oz of Select Coca-Cola Soft Drink Cans on sale for $3 ($2.85 w/ 5% RedCard discount) when you 'clip' the 25% Off Target Circle Coupon found on the product page and checkout using in store Order Pickup, Drive Up or Same Day Delivery. Thanks pineapple1467
    • Availability for store pickup is limited and will vary based on location. Bottle deposit fees may apply.
    Available options:
    • 12-Pack 12oz Coca-Cola Cans
    • 12-Pack 12oz Diet Coke Cans
    • 12-Pack 12oz Sprite Cans
    • & More
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