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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by VivaLa$herry, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. VivaLa$herry

    VivaLa$herry Chillin Member

    at my target in the toy clearance they had the fur real friends tumbles my roll over pup reg price is around $29.99 and i got him for $6.00 the tag said clearanced to $15 so i was really shocked at checkout then it rang up $6.oo i wish they had more :kekeke:
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  3. sheri

    sheri Active Member

    All clearanced toys went to 75% off the last few days...i will have to get over there soon!
  4. LoriVincent

    LoriVincent New Member

    I was able to get a Furreal Tumble Puppy for $11.50. There was one left! I will give it to my daughter for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the heads up!
  5. Sara

    Sara Puzzled Member

    My mother got each of my kids a roll-over pup for Christmas (it was the only kind of Fur Real Friends left, I don't think that one was very popular), and she payed $54 for each of them. I can't believe it, because the thing hardly does anything! It's cute the first time you see it move, but after that, my kids were like, okay...

    Definitely not worth paying full price for!

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