Shutterfly 8"x8" Hardcover Photo Book $8 shipped

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    1. Click here and enter your name and email address
    2. Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions
    3. Click "Get Your Code"
    4. Copy your unique code
    5. Click "Redeem on Shutterfly"
    6. Sign up for a Shutterfly account or sign-in to your existing account
    7. Apply your unique code if it hasn't been automatically applied
    8. Click on "Start shopping Shutterfly" and create a standard 20-Page 8"x8" Photo Book
    9. Proceed to the cart
    10. If the promo code is not applied, you may have to click on "Manage Promos" and enter your unique promo code
    11. The price should be discounted to Free + $7.99 S&H
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