Samsung ML-1865W Wireless Monochrome Laser Printer $50

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by chris, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

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  3. arob

    arob New Member

    Not bad, it looks compact and reasonably cheap. I wonder how much I'll need to spend in ink cartridges, though.
  4. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    I bought his printer for around $80 a couple of months ago and I print all the time and I have yet to put new cartridges in it. I love this printer and it has done well for me!
  5. Kimmi

    Kimmi New Member

    Under the product details / ink toner cartridges, it says that there are none included. I have never bought a printer that has not included at least a starter cartridge. I have to wonder if that is correct. Amazon sells the original cartridge for this printer for $54.21. Did yours come with an ink cartridge?
  6. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    I bought mine at office depot and it was included. I just bought one a couple of months ago.
  7. CavzGirl2

    CavzGirl2 Still a Cavs fan

    Just to let you know that I just spoke with customer service and this does NOT come with the cartridges or toner :cry:
  8. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    thats why its so cheap than, because I just ordered this EXACT one from this EXACT company no more than 2 months ago and mine came with everything. That is probably why mine was around $80 which is still a GREAT price for a laser printer that is wireless.
  9. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    You know I just have a hard time believing that this doesn't come with it. Why would they have the same printer with ink and now sell it without?? I don't understand. I think maybe they miss typed something out online about the toner, because printers are NEVER sold without toner. That orginial price is the same price that was on the printer I bought. It just doesn't make any sense at all.
  10. mimay

    mimay New Member

    I spoke to a rep and she said it comes with a 'starter cartridge', which lasts a while. I ordered one on the phone, so I'll update this post when I receive mine.
  11. laurelnev

    laurelnev Active Member

    If I'm not mistaken, this is the same printer I installed for a client last week. Hers was a Samsung Personal Laser, purchased from Office Depot. THey sold her a cartridge, but when I set it up, lo and behold, there was a cartridge in the printer. I had to shake it to get it to work, and then it took me another minute to realize the printer ejects the paper FACE DOWN, so the 2nd "blank page" it spit out was not actually blank. Cannot comment on the wireless aspect, as my client freaks out when there's wi-fi interference, so we decided it was best to keep it wired.

    Inkjet users: if you get this, remember a laser uses heat to transfer powdered toner to paper. IOW, the cartridge is HOT! Just a warning if you need to muck around with the included cartridge that they seem to think is not there. Remember to shake the cartridge if it seems like it's just a "dummy". we printed at least 30 pages while I was there with the cartridge the sales person convinced her was not included
  12. Kimmi

    Kimmi New Member

    I wonder if they are in the process of of stopping the inclusion of ink cartridges with the printers? Still... with the amount of prints you get out of a cartridge it is still way more economical in the end :) Better quality too!
  13. Lily2614

    Lily2614 Mom to the Max

    my printer is a little less than 2 months old and I'm still using the cartridge that comes with it and I print stuff everday, so it lasts a long time. I'm glad I wasn't going crazy because I was 99% sure it came with it. I just assumed the people at office depot didn't know what they were talking about.
  14. AFriend

    AFriend New Member

    I purchased one (from a local Office Depot) this weekend and it DID come with a starter toner cartridge. Replacement cartridges were priced at $69.99.

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