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Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by t♂ph, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Suellen

    Suellen The Church Lady

    :jump::jump: I just redeemed for this six times! I now have $30 in reward certificates.
  2. :h5::jump::D
  3. Suellen

    Suellen The Church Lady

    :kekeke: Now I have 11 certificates! Yay for free video games....
  4. jldavern

    jldavern New Member

    Awesome. Looks like I'll get to go shopping.
  5. Jrnutt88

    Jrnutt88 New Member

    How do you get to the deal on there website?
  6. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    Free College tshirt --- XL only :(

    enter code ncaatshirt


    enter 6 3-pt coke codes

    thanks robyn for the info!
  7. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    or you could do this one..

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  8. Moderator

    just wash it in hot water. it'll shrink. :D
  9. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    Ordered 2 last month. Will be giving them away though.
  10. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    is this a repost? i just found out! lol
  11. rocksprite

    rocksprite Member

    Where do I got to enter the 6 3-point codes and ncaatshirt. Is it on a different page because sometimes I know coke rewards has a special place for these types of offers? Thanks!
  12. CareBear101

    CareBear101 Generous Member

    I think it is just the same page, that's how it was on their last promotion for a free shirt. Once you add all the codes, it will say special offer, and you have to click that.
  13. coachk34

    coachk34 New Member

    Wow that was really easy. Plus it does not take away any points from your account!!
  14. jenwinswim

    jenwinswim Member

    What is the link for the shirt? I can not find it on the site when I entered the code?
  15. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    yea it's a "free" item, so no points are taken :bigthumb:
  16. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    nah - I saw the tearpads with the info @ a store last month and did it then while it was still on my mind then completely forgot all about it - forgot about this thread too, but will be making sure to check it more now that I remember. Definitely don't wanna miss a good deal :D
  17. MyEmptyCanvas

    MyEmptyCanvas Queen of Freebies

    there is not a link for the shirt, just type in the shirt code in the box.
    you have to type in the new coke cap codes all in the same month to qualify.
    the info will pop up on the screen - if it doesn't it may be expired. not to sure though - @ this point.
  18. t♂ph

    t♂ph The Dreamer

    some shirts for 550 points...
  19. bettyjomama

    bettyjomama New Member

    They have Nascar shirts now with 4 codes on special 12 packs of coke and coke zero. If you dont like Nascar you can always paint the house in them!
  20. ChevVan75

    ChevVan75 Member


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