Microsoft Store: Trade-In Credit w/ Purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+ Up to $650 Off

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    "Save up to $650 on the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+"

    Microsoft is currently offering up to $650 for mobile phones when you buy either the Note 10 or Note 10 Plus. The promo runs through 9/22.

    Some of the values are higher than what Samsung is currently offering. My fiance brought in her Note 8, and they barely checked it. The Note 8 was in perfect condition, and the associate simply asked us if it worked. The base value for the Note 8 was $86, and then a coupon was applied to equal the advertised trade in amount of $450. Samsung is currently offering $300 for the Note 8. We weren't able to use our EPP, but it's nice having the instant trade credit applied to your order. We also had to bring in our old charger and USB cable. Probably any charger would've worked, but we gave them our old fast charger and USB C cable.

    EDIT: The $150 credit is only valid if you bought your phone on August 8th - August 22nd since it was the pre-order window. My apologies.

    Here's the trade in values:

    Samsung Galaxy S10's $650

    Samsung Galaxy S9's $450

    Samsung Galaxy S8's $350

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9's $650

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8's $450

    iPhone X's $650

    iPhone 8's $450

    Google Pixel 3's $650

    Google Pixel 2's $450

    Google Pixel $350

    iPhone 7 Plus $130

    iPhone 65 Plus $50

    iPhone 6 Plus $50

    LG G7 ThinQ $50

    OnePlus 6T $99
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