Medco Health Store: *HOT!* $10 off ANY Order!


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My order was shipped on Friday via UPS & my credit card billed for the correct amount too so evrything is going good my way :)


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my 1st order came today!

great day.. i also received my entertainment book with Free coupons no purchase necessary.yay!
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i got my order today and it was nice but wow the packaging was crazy a huge box for what all i got lol anyways for 2.00 couldnt go wrong for toilet paper,2 packages of wipes,2 things of lip gloss and a a johnsons baby travel kit! my diapers are on backorder but as long as i get them i will be happy cause they only cost me 1.68!!!


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i love this company.. i now have two favorites:

customer service really makes a difference:D


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Got my order today. We have medco rx insurance at work so I knew they were a good company to deal with. I'm glad they've worked out for everybody else too.
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