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    ConAgra Foods Lunch Bag Mail In Offer ( October-31 )
    1. Buy: Six (6) of any of the following participating products: Chef Boyardee,® Snack Pack,® Orville Redenbacher’s,® Manwich® and/or Peter Pan®
    2. Send: Package UPC symbol from qualifying products (total 6) PLUS send a check or money order payable to: Back to School Lunch Bag Offer in the amount of $3 for shipping and handling for each lunch bag ordered.
    3. Receive: An insulated, dual-compartment lunch bag designed by Monique Coleman (a $12 value)

    Mail to: Back to School Lunch Bag Offer
    PO Box # 1137
    Grand Rapids MN 55745-1137 ... P_form.pdf
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