Johnsonvile Deli Bites


Still waiting for my samples. I have seen them in the stores but hope the samples show up before I have to spend money to see if I like them or not.


Resident House Cat
I got mine a few days ago and it was a good sample. I got about 9 packets with about 6 small nuggets in each. Yummy snacks btw.


I sent the company an email thanking them for the free samples and that my family loved the way they tasted and told them we would be buying them. They emailed me back asking for my home address. Today in the mail I got two coupons for a dollar off any of their products. Nice company.


Mommie Dearest
got mine the other day
nice freebie and snack
probably would not buy them :kekeke: but was more than happy to eat them
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