Hershey Cookie Exchange Party


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was not picked either :(

I was like SO EXCITED when I got an email about the Hershey party pack, It said Hershey Party Pack Notice. I was like I got in. then read the email and it was a sorry you did not get picked. boy was I totally sad.

Same here. Ahhhh, who wants delicious, chocolatey chippy cookies with a hershey kiss smooshed in the middle, anyways? Sighhhhhhhhhhhh... :hs:

Same here, they shouldn't have sent an email at all.

Or at least gave us a coupon!

I was so sad that I didn't get picked last year that I emailed them suggesting maybe a consolation prize/slash coupon for all of the people who didn't get picked. Come on, Hershey! WE-WANT KI-SSES! WE-WANT KI-SSES!!!


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I Received my kit this morning via UPS

:run::run::run:I Received my kit this morning via UPS :run::run::run:
It Arrived in a 12LB. white box from New York.

:r:Merry Baking:r:​
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