FREE Tide to Go pen


New Member
thanks billie!! has anyone gotten their tide samples from their other giveaways on facebook? I was able to fill the form out but still havent received them.


New Member
Thanks....nope I was just going too ask that, still waiting on my sample...I was able to fill it out also.


Wildlife Loving Member
Ohh Thanks. I've never had one of these before, cost to much even coupon for me. On a side note I have tried the Shout wipes and like those.


New Member
I LOVE these pens! A lady at work had one and I used it to get barbecue sauce off of my khaki pants and it worked like a charm!


New Member
I got my free pre-treat spray yesterday in the mail (Friday)!

My mother received hers as well, but it was broke. She called Tide and they are sending her coupons for a free one and other coupons as well. That was nice of them I thought =)

So if anyone has a broken bottle, CALL TIDE!!!!

Anyways, I am really looking forward to this free Tide To Go Pen =)
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