Free Office Depot $30 Gift Card

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by sunedaz77, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Robyn

    Robyn Member

    it said i won but no confirmation number yet
  2. efrain1974

    efrain1974 New Member

    i was one of the first 300, i won
  3. CARAMEL42

    CARAMEL42 Member

    Same here
  4. MM81

    MM81 New Member

    And to rub it , they just sent me an email saying that i didn't win. No kidding !
  5. thj0011

    thj0011 Resident Superhero

    Yea I kept getting the error message but then my girlfriend got on and did it and she was "One of the first 300" which Idk if I believe truly. So I won't hold my breath on this one until I see a confirmation email or the actual gc ha.
  6. twin36a

    twin36a Active Member

    Alot of ppl on fb are saying the won a couple of gift cards a piece they were only giving 300 I have feeling alot of us wont be seeing these gift cards in the mail :( There is no way this many people should be getting that confirmation popping up
  7. thj0011

    thj0011 Resident Superhero

    Agreed. Maybe some of us that got the actual error message right at the beginning will be getting them. Who knows, it's all good though.
  8. CARAMEL42

    CARAMEL42 Member

    The people that got the something went wrong message might get it.
  9. krystimarie

    krystimarie New Member

    I got the error message, but mine finally went through, need
    to check my email though :)

  10. Moderator

    i didn't get the darn thing loaded until about 9:15. but it said i won the gift card! then the cubes wouldn't load on dial-up and i lost my patience and hit refresh. wrong move. said i'd already played when i hadn't.
  11. MM81

    MM81 New Member

    Ok , so i just signed up with a different (My 3rd for tonight) email address and got the "Congratulations" pop up thingy. I'm just not sure if i'll actually get one though. We'll see. Ok , i'm somewhat happy now. :)
    I really wanted this for my hubby !
  12. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    No confirmation email yet :(
  13. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    anyone get a confirmation email? I have nothing all i got was this when i signed up
  14. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    I got it! Woot Woot!! :xmasgrin:

    You are one of the first 300 to sign up for the instant win game, you will recieve your gift card in 4-6 weeks. Keep in mind that you are not guarenteed to recieve it by December 25th!
  15. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    Did it again with hubby's email.. got another one!! WootWoot!! WooHoo! This is great! GC's for OfficeDepot rock!
  16. hippiekrystal

    hippiekrystal New Member

    Monday morning, I guarantee we will all get emails saying it was an error no gift card.
    i will be so mad
  17. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    Nah, we will get these! We may only get one per household but we will get them!! :xmasgrin:
  18. jammom

    jammom Member

    I got mine a 1/2 hr ago (had to work)-seems like alot more than 300 are being claimed

    Rules state 1 GC per person,email,or household
  19. helobuff

    helobuff New Member

    :cry: was hoping to combine these GC's with the $50 downloadable coupon they offered when we signed up so I could get a computer! I figured if I could get a few of these, use the $50 coupon, buy the computer on sale.. I could manage it.
  20. Kristina

    Kristina New Member

    same here. :mad:

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