Free Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate game download from big fish games


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I'm addicted to this game, too-I never download these, but I did last night after reading what y'all said about it....


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I am totally addicted to Search and Find games. I have played just about all I can with the free hour you get at Big Fish Games. It's nice to play this one all the way through!!


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I download all of the free BIG Fish games that Chris posted. FYI: A lot of the older posts for free game downloads are still working. So if you missed them, type it into the search on the main page and you can still get them.

I haven't played this one. I shouldn't say this out loud, but I'm on dial-up at home so I don't download much. I am addicted to Pop and Drop on though. I play that just about every night!


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I'm an addict when it comes to these mystery search type games now thanks to you finding them for free. exept i have beaten all of them. think you can find us a new free one?

thank you!!!


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Oh my. I've been playing Huntsville for about two (!) hours, and I have to say, it stresses me out! I like Madame Fate better, because there's a long time limit. This game gives you a strict time limit, and now I think I've screamed at my computer 2 or 3 times! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Oh well, free is free! Thank you!

oh dear. stressed out is not good! i'm sure my blood pressure rises on pop and drop too. maybe chris can find a calming one. is this what they call a trial version, or is it a whole game that you can keep?
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