Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by Peter, May 18, 2011.

  1. Peter

    Peter New Member

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  3. Moderator

    do i need this? :kekeke:
  4. rainyday

    rainyday Inquisitive member

    :kekeke: Ditto. My cell is a Motorola, but probably the cheapest model available. Perhaps this would make my cheap cell phone & dial-up connection do some fancy stuff. :confused:
  5. Moderator

    :rofl: exactly. i'm real high tech here. i've got a new wireless router in the box. a new fax machine in the box. a new dvd in the box. a new printer in the box. i need a gizmo to connect my boxes. :rofl:
  6. brokeguy01

    brokeguy01 New Member

    I have absolutely no clue what it is but I want it.
  7. brokeguy01

    brokeguy01 New Member

    Maintenance In Progress

    AT&T is continually working to improve our internet site for our customers. As part of this ongoing effort, we are currently doing maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience and ask that you please try back again later.
  8. Moderator

    :h5: that's the free stuff spirit! :bigthumb::rofl:
  9. rainyday

    rainyday Inquisitive member

    If I were you I would just go to Wags & stock up on Scotch Magic Tape. That'll do the trick! :bowrofl:
  10. freeski

    freeski New Member

    i went through the whole process until verifying the address then it brought me to this too. :uh:
  11. Moderator

    :rofl: i've been laughing so hard that i didn't notice you updated this! :rofl:

    :bowdown: there ya go. i knew i could count on rainy for the answer! :rofl:
  12. rainyday

    rainyday Inquisitive member

    Aww, man! I thought I read in the post that it was for a Motorola. Now it doesn't say that anymore. I thought I was gonna have myself some fancy shnancy thingamabob. Oh well; there's always tomorrow. :hs:
  13. brokeguy01

    brokeguy01 New Member

    Dear removed,

    Thank you for your AT&T Equipment purchase. We appreciate your

    Here is a copy of your order summary:

    Order Number: removed
    Order Date: removed
    Type Description Amount
    Accessories Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter
    Shipping & Handling : Free Priority Shipping (2-day) FREE
    *Order Total $0.00
    * Amount excludes taxes. Applicable sales taxes will be added to this

    You should receive your item(s) within three to five business days.

    You are a valued customer and we look forward to serving you.
    Thank you,

  14. Moderator

    but it does. :uh: in the title.

    Free Motorola USB Wi-Fi Adapter

    i'm either sitting on a feather...or you guys are killing me tonight. :rofl:
  15. ChevVan75

    ChevVan75 Member

    Thank You Peter...:wiggle::wiggle:

    I think their site is having problems.
    Real slow....I think I ended up with 3 them...:bigthumb:
  16. rainyday

    rainyday Inquisitive member

    Oh. See, my mind takes these little vacations. I'm not sure where it goes, and I never know how long it will be gone for...but sometimes it just up and leaves me. I guess as long as it keep coming back, I should be happy. :D

    Umm...what were we talking about? :uh:
  17. Peter

    Peter New Member

    Everybody is so funny here:kekeke:
  18. Moderator

    :rofl: hell if i know. maybe peter can tell us. or we just go with the brokeguy and order it anyway! :dunno::wiggle:
  19. Robyn

    Robyn Member

    well i got mine before it crashed, didnt realize it went through, so i was going to order again, then i got the confirmation email!
  20. Moderator

    speak for yourself! i was about to comment in your birthday thread that you were a man of many words. :kekeke:
  21. Peter

    Peter New Member

    U WoOD B RT

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