Free Gift from Marlboro on 6/27

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by chris, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

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  3. shelker

    shelker New Member

  4. chris

    chris Administrator Staff Member

    It's an LED flashlight and its live now! :)
  5. PSBean

    PSBean Member

    yeah, i got mine!! thnx for the reminder. :)
  6. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    Thanks! Got mine too.
  7. mshelly

    mshelly Member

    Thanks!! Also if you check out the get involved tab, Marlboro will donate $5 for you!! :jump:
  8. willow01

    willow01 New Member

    Its funny Marlboro always says 12-14 weeks, I always see it between 6 to 8 weeks to get something from them...LIARS! lol
  9. Mykatzrphat

    Mykatzrphat Thinking Member

    The team marlboro thing is a sweepstakes--if you click on "view projects", it will show this week's "project", and at the bottom of that screen, there should be a window that opens up when you hover over (or click-- I did it last night, and when I hover over it today, it opens right away showing the screen).
  10. shelker

    shelker New Member

    yay! my pea brain remembered....a day late but still got one!! Thanks!:jump:
  11. Ladysteeler

    Ladysteeler Member

    I did the sweeps too. I think it is 100 -$1000 every week.

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