Free game download for Leapster devices


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Here’s a copy and paste straight from LeapFrog’s Facebook page…
Hope it helps with getting the free app. It says through 12/22, however I just used the code for my children's new devices and it worked. :xmas: :jump:

EXTENDING FREE LEAPPAD APP THROUGH 12/22! You asked, so we’re extending it! We know it took some of you longer than anticipated to find a LeapPad for your little learner and some are still on the hunt for one. As soon as you score one, take it out of its package (it’s easiest from the bottom) and set it up to get your free app – Alphabet Stew (use download code 5813-2648-3927-5027 in the App Center to download your free game). That way it will be ready for your child to play, right out of the box. Don’t wait, because the free app offer only lasts until 12/22!
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