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    Energizer Power to Keep Going Tote Mail In Offer ( December-31 )
    To obtain your “Power to Keep Going†Tote Bag by mail, complete and mail this original Official Mail-in Certificate along with three (3) original proofs of purchase symbols from any mix of three (3) of the following: Energizer® MAX® (Pack sizes AA/AAA-8, C/D-4, 9V-2 or larger), Energizer® e 2® Lithium® (Pack sizes AA/AAA-4 or larger), Energizer® e 2® Titanium Technology® (Pack sizes AA/AAA-4 or larger), Energizer® e 2® Rechargeable batteries (Pack sizes AA/AAA-4 or larger) or Energizer® e 2® Rechargeable battery charger along with the original dated store-identified cash register receipt(s) dated between 1/1/08 and 12/31/08 with purchase prices circled to:

    Energizer “Power to Keep Going†Tote Offer
    P.O. Box 548
    Taylor, MI 48180 ... ferPDF.pdf
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