Free Duck/Foie Gras/Mousse of Foie Gras/Duck Confit at Gilt

Discussion in 'Free Stuff' started by urabewe, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Chilidogbarb

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    My duck came today packed very well in a cooler with ice packs that were still frozen. Arrived very fast. Looks really good. We are eating it tomorrow. For the person that has never heard of eating duck...what do you think duck hunters do with all those ducks? hee hee :)
  2. laurelnev

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    I got the ship notice yesterday, with a tracking number. This is the 1st mail order item I have EVER rec'd 2 days BEFORE it was actually shipped<g>.

    It was so cute. The tracking page even showed my duck was delivered A before it was shipped. A $2 duck was great; a time traveling duck is even better!
  3. t♂ph

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  4. chris

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    got my foie today :wiggle:
  5. cthrall

    cthrall New Member

    :run:How do we get free duck?
  6. urabewe

    urabewe New Member

    Holy cow, this is the first time I have returned to this thread since the first 3 posts, lol. I had no clue so many people ordered, that is awesome. To everyone that said thanks, you are very welcome.

    I got my Moulard duck breast 2 days after I ordered it, I was really impressed. I missed the ups guy when he came and got one of those slips on the door. I have this thing, I can't stand missing free UPS shipments, lol. So I was kind of bummed, then about 8:30 or 9pm the UPS guy came back and delivered my duck!

    It came packed in the same way as everyone else's. Inside of a styrofoam container between two ice packs. Mine were slightly thawed due to missing UPS the first time. I haven't cooked it yet, probably will on Friday. I've had Moulard duck before and it is pretty tasty. I think I will most likely score the fat and pan fry it. Supposed to be really good when cooked that way. Just have to be careful and not over cook it.

    cthrall: The duck was on sale at about a week ago. Everyone had signed up to get a free $20 credit and (I would assume) referred 10 uh.... "friend's" email addresses to get free shipping in order to get the duck. The sale is over so the duck is no longer available, sorry. If it's any consolation I will toast to you while enjoying my duck breast, lol.

    Chris: I was kind of wary about getting mail order foie gras, after reading through this thread, I kind of wish I had ordered that instead, sigh.
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  7. jenarch

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    oh, I've been here forever, I just never really followed the forum. Thanks for the welcome! :h5:
  8. Rileyxrsmom

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    dude how can you guys eat donald duck? i mean seriously.... Im bout to cry

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