Free dior mini mascara.


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I retried it and made sure it said USA, but when I printed it, it still said the same thing. I give up, I'm just wasting ink lol


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You must have hit UK instead of USA on the country list.

I remember this a month or 2 ago. It printed UK each time (I didn't notice). I went to "Sephora" in the mall and Dillards neither had the mini and they didn't honor it because it said UK. Good luck. Funny thing they had the mini, the clerk handed it to me so I thought that was it I said Thank you, I was walking out the door. Then she said ma'am you didn't pay for that I had showed here the coupon but it wasn't the sample. So I left it. My son was with me, I said to him we would have been outlaws and I wouldn't have had a clue.:rofl:
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