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I signed up for Assurance wireless, when I entered my zipcode it said there was connection so I signed up for it and got the phone but then it wouldn't work so I called them and they told me they didn't have service in my area. I wonder why it said I had service when I entered my zipcode online. I asked them should I send it back they told me no, just give it to someone who could use it.


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Chris put up the safelink one a long time ago. My son uses it. It is great for him. We have had it for about 15 months now.


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I have it too. For texting it just deducts mins. For the 68 mins a month plan it takes off 0.30 and the 125 min plan it takes off 1 min for each text you recieve and send. Ther is another plan but I don't remember what that one is.


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:kiss: Congratulations! Your application has been approved for Lifeline Service. We will be sending you a phone within 5-10 business days so please check back soon for more information

Thank you so much!
Hubby has heart disease and I worry about him.. this way he can take a phone with him.. if he needs me while he is out he can call me!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Plus he has other conditions which most of you know about.. this is so wonderful! This is a huge relief to me knowing he can call me or vice versa!! :uh:


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Thank you so very much for posting this! I've never heard of them, but it will be a great help!

Whoops....apparently my area is more strict in its qualifications. I qualify under the "general" qualifications, but not the state specific ones. Thanks anyway!
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