Free Belli Products if you have Belli survey voucher from last week


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For those who still have their $10 voucher from last week, Belli is offering free shipping with no minimum today. I was able to get a $9 tube of diaper rash cream shipped to the house for free with my voucher. The free shipping doesn't show up until the confirm order page when the shipping total comes up as $0. Before that, it still looks as though you will need to pay $8.95 for ground shipping.

It will not be here for Christmas, obviously, but free diaper cream is great!:bigthumb:


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Got my order confirmation email and everything checks out and looks great!

Product: Protect Me Diaper Rash Cream
SKU: 852047002048
Quantity: 1
Unit Price: $9.00
Price: $9.00

Discount: $10.00
Estimated Subtotal: $-1.00
Tax: $0.00 @ 0%
Estimated Shipping: $0.00 VIA fed_ex_ground_res
Estimated Total: $-1.00
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crap i can't get to my home email address from work, hope this stuff is still avail when i get back. :( will be getting the powder, thnx again for sharing!!! :)


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My code wasn't coming off for some reason, but the lady was quite nice about it. Hopefully it will be here soon. (I got the powder)


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does the voucher go in the promo box? I enter it and then hit continue and its still not taking it off.


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Ok I called also and the woman who helped me was really nice. I got the powder. Thanks so much for posting! Repped u!


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They have free shipping until 12/31, no minimum. :xmasgrin:

Items $10 and under:

Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer $6
Pure Comfort Nursing Cream $10
Protect Me Diaper Rash Cream $9
Pamper Me Talc-free Baby Powder $10
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some people were having trouble putting the voucher code in the promo box. They said that they called and the customer service rep was able to help them.
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