Free 3-Count 12-Ounce Chevron Techron Fuel Injection Cleaner AR

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    1. Add a quantity of 3 of 12-Ounce Chevron Techron Fuel Injection Cleanerto your cart
    2. Continue to checkout and complete your order for a total of $11.22, Shipping is free w/ Prime or on $25+ orders.
    3. After your order has shipped, you will need to complete the following:
      • Download & fill out the Rebate Form, selecting the $12 Rebate option (PDF file will auto-download)
      • Print out a copy of your Shipment Confirmation Email for your order
    4. Mail your completed rebate form + your Shipment Confirmation Email in a envelope to the following address:
      • 2019 Techron Rebate Center
      • CRTCMC0919M
      • PO Box 421169
      • Houston, Texas 77242-1169
    5. Your $12 Chevron Rebate will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process and will be sent to you via check (Check expires 120-days from the issue date).
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