Cigar International 3 premium cigars $1.00 Shipped-working again


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I called them up and asked if this special was available. They said it may have been a radio advertisement. Did I have a 'Code' or where did I hear about it. I said I found it on the internet and gave him the SP-CA20 as what I had. He mumbled a little and them said he would do it. So I have it coming for $1
Thanks Chris !!!!!!


I guess in Maryland.
They are in Pennsylvania.

I went ahead and ordered another sample for my son so link is still good....


Yup.....I have ordered for people I know and some extras for me to friends addresses.
Link still good.....:h5::h5::h5:


Recent changes in Maryland law prohibit us from shipping cigars into Maryland. We are currently working with Maryland, and looking for a solution. All orders will be held until a mutually agreed upon solution. We hope to have a decision in the next few days. Until then, your order is on hold.

Just got a refund.
This is strange.
My first two orders had no problems.
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