Champion Womens 3 in 1 jacket $18 shipped!! HOT

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by helobuff, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. helobuff

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    C9 by Champion® Women's 3 in 1 Cold-Weather Jacket $19.99/FS today only (target deal)

    •Sizing and Fit: Women Sizing with a Loose Fit
    •Material: 100 % Polyester
    •Material Features: Duo Dry®
    •Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low
    •Fabric Weight: Midweight Fabric Construction
    •Garment Length: Below Waist
    •Neckline Style: Hooded Neckline , Stand-Up Collar
    •Long Sleeves , Finished, Banded Cuff(s)
    •Closure Style: Zip Front Closure(s)
    •Hem Style: Straight Hem, Finished Hem(s)
    •Pocket Style: Zippered, 2 Front Pocket(s)
    •Garment Detail: Double Stitched Seams, Top Stitching

    that's funny....the link for the pic says ""

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  4. okbrawd

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    This is such a cute jacket! I wonder how durable it is, i cant find very many reviews :dunno:
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    i couldn't find ANY reviews! if it has a good return policy then it shouldn't be a problem. i was trying to figure out the "3 in 1" part and it isn't quite jumping out at me. then again, yesterday i was looking at a men's jacket and thought it was for women. :kekeke:
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    oh, and you even did it better! i'll merge them. glad you saw it too. of course i had you in mind when i posted!
  8. helobuff

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    I knew you did.. but I dont think it is warm enough. .. we are already in the teens here.. But thank you so much for keeping me in mind.. :fingersx: I did pretty good tonight.. wore a thermal shirt, a turtleneck, a sweater and then my coat.. with a scarf and ear muffs, gloves and boots.. I was pretty good.. Cannot complain.. as long as I layer I will be okay.. its when I decide I have to run out for XYZ that I end up in trouble.. I am hoping that I might catch an after christmas sale?? For a coat.. I know that there are great sales out there now.. but the ones I want I just cannot afford..
    What I would love is a coat from something like Columbia, Marmot or Northface.. Northface is my favorite.. But they are just way too pricey.. but they handle any weather and last for years!! If I get one I wont need another one for ten or more years.. maybe even longer as long as I dont grow out of it. like I did my last one that I gave away last year. No sense in it sitting in my closet when it can keep someone else needy warm:xmas:
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  10. helobuff

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    :D Never knew of this place! Can you order online? Prices are really high! Wish I had this summer.. probably cheaper then..
    Yes, I go to the thrift stores.. but have not seen any there.. :cry:
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