Can someone help me remember an old CVS hot deal?


OK, I know I bought this one, but cannot remember which daily deal site it came from. :uh: (And so I can't find it, print it or use it... So, Help!)

It was something like $6 or $7 for a $10 CVS voucher. The thing was, it was a printable voucher, not a gift card. For some reason purchasers could not print the vouchers immediately, come to find out. The site said to come back in a few days or a week until the problems were ironed out. There was a forum thread about it, where people discussed the fact that it was a printable voucher that had to be used all in one transaction, rather than a gift card. Anybody remember it? I think it was in late 2011... I don't think it was Saveology, but I can't remember which. :dunno:

If you can help, it'd be wonderful. :fingersx:


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Was it SaveMore? They always had a problem with redeeming giftcards.

Edit: Eesh! I should read better. I thought Jldavern mentioned another site. haha
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Yeah, now they appear to be totally out of business! I bought a $6 for $10 papa john's electronic giftcard that expired sometime this month and now - poof! SaveMore is totally gone.
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