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    mybargainbuddy post: (doesn't say end date)

    Free S/H on any order at Books A Million

    Use code BKLVFREE at checkout. Bargain books are up to 80% off!

    Children's fiction : Starting at $1.99
    The Menopause Survival Kit : $3.97 (reg. $12.95)
    The Flour Pot Cookie Book : $3.97 (reg. $14.95)
    The Knit-It Kit for Kids : $7.99 (reg. $16.95)
    Zen Gardening Kit : $7.97 (reg. $30)
    The Complete Pastel Set : $7.97 (reg. $30)
    Extraordinary Meals from Ordinary Ingredients : $5.99 (reg. $17.95)
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    kresin Texas Bounty Hunter

    Do you have to join the club ($20 per year) to purchase these books?

    It looks that way to me. Thanks.
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    i don't think so but it looks like the club saves 10% off the price, so maybe the prices are just 10% higher otherwise. i'm still looking at it though. this is just a regular book store in some parts of the country. (not here)
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