Baby Phat: $20 off $20 coupon good for shipping too = free items?


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i did! lol she probably would have fired me if i didnt go in. but since she loves me so much (sarcasm) I have no hours next week!!! now i wish i didnt go in but i needed the money. i cant believe there were actually people shopping yesterday! thanks for asking! :kiss:

:uh: I cant believe it either! They must be nuts.. I didnt even leave my house in that wind! You stay home now and get well.. stay warm.. :xmasgrin:


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OK, very strange. I just received email saying my order was cancelled. When asking why.. They replied, and said I cancelled it. Ummm no I did not! ARGH!


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did i miss something again? every time i try to use a "$x off $x" code i get some crappy percentage off code instead. this one gave me 20%, which was only $2 :( needless to say, they can keep their lipgloss.


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Yea, canceled for me as well. They said something about sending a refund check for $0.06 ha.
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